Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EVERY day is a good zoo day!

So I get to the zoo Monday and decide to basically head straight for the African exhibits. As I walked by the North American exhibits I did stick my nose in but alas, they were all laying about or hiding! I did find this beautiful flower near the Prairie exhibits!

When I arrived in Africa I was hoping to find the lions active but they too were asleep. I continued down towards ZOG (zebra, ostrich, giraffe) to see what was happening. The zebras and ostriches were grazing and all the giraffes were at the upper end, near the new feeding station keeping their distance! As I made my way around to the lower elephant exhibit. I was hoping to see them in their new pool. I have yet to have the pleasure but I have been assured they do get in and enjoy! So I made my way to the upper exhibit and what did I find?? A mom and baby enjoying a splashing good time! It was really a delight to see and I spent a good 45 minutes watching them enjoying it! For more photos please visit my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ucumari/
As the heat of the day drew upon us I decided to catch a tram back to North America and run by and see if Aquila had made his way into the water. As I approached I could tell he was entertaining the visitors. I heard shrieks of delight coming from his direction! When I got there I saw a crowd at his overlook, he was in swimming and having a great time! I went to the lower viewing area and it was packed! Aquila was swimming up to the window and pushing off just like Willy must have taught him! It was a delight for all that were there. By this time it was getting very crowded and very hot so it was time for me to make my way home!
Can't wait until next visit!

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